1. Take the Seibu Ikebukuro Line to Higashi Kurume Station.

From the bus terminal outside the West Exit, board any bus bound for:
Musashi Koganei Eki, Takiyama Danchi, or Higashi Kurume Nishi Danchi.
Be certain that the bus you board is travelling via Maesawa Jutaku (this should be the case with any of the above three), as that is the stop at which you will get off the bus.

Get off the bus at Maesawa Jutaku.

2. Take the JR Chuo Line to Musashi Koganei Station (North Exit)

Go to the Seibu Bus Terminal and board the following buses

Terminal No.2
… Bus No.12 bound for Kurume-eki-nishi-guchi
… Bus No.13 bound for Kiyose-eki-minami-guchi

Get off the bus at Maesawa Jutaku. (Fee:210yen)
From tne bus stop it takes about 10minutes on foot.

Terminal No.3
… Bus No.14 bound for Kurume-nishi-danchi via Takiyama-eigyosyo
… Bus No.15 bound for Takiyama-eigyosyo via Tsushin-Jutaku

Get off the bus at “Globeride.” (Fee:210yen)
From tne bus stop it takes about 15minutes on foot.

3. Take the Seibu Shinjuku Line to Hanakoganei Station

Exiting the ticket wicket, take the left-hand staircase out of the station building. Turn left as you exit and walk down the narrow street past McDonalds until you get to the large “T” intersection. Cross the street and go to the double bus stop, immediately across from Seibu Department store. Board No.12,13,14,15 buses (same as above) (Fee:190yen)
Get off the bus at Maesawa Jutaku.